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Book of All Binary in Here
Book of All Binary in Here
The cover of the book, circa 1000, even though Nothing was created 1004 years later.
Vital statistics
Type Ancient, useful book.
Effects Provides information on creation in cyberspace, especially in Here.
Source EBM, his Electronically.
Location Here
Cost to buy Priceless.
Cost to sell Could be sold at 1 billion coins to the power of 10.

The Book of All Binary in Here is a large, ancient book that contains binary codes for creation of any objects in the Nothing cyberspace, but is best used in Here. His electronically, the Elaborate Binary Master, created the book in the year 1000 A.D., although Nothing was founded in 2004.

The book is used to consult items such as the creation of trees and sand. It is only used if real resources are not available, which makes up most of the Nothing cyberspace.


The book was written by the EBM in the said year of 1000 A.D., even though Nothing was created in 2004. During his existence, EBM told AVI that the book should only be consulted in the construction of new binary items in cyberspace. Most predict that this was not from Nothing but from another dimension, neighboring the Cow Dimension and Box Dimension.

The book is made of pure wood instead of artificial binary-coded wood. It has a total of 10,100 pages in conjuction with its subject. Surprisingly, the font used is Courier New, which was created sometime in the 20th century. This provides evidence for EBM and the book being from another dimension.

The book is listed alphebatically, like a dictionary, but in a much more complicated manner (as EBM wanted to be in-detail for emergency purposes). The book also provides explanations for each binary code used in creating objects in the case of any modficiation. Only binary experts are able to understand the book's difficult text.

The book has only been consulted three times.

  • It was first used for the creation of an artificial forest.
  • It was also used for creating weird creatures so as to enlighten the state of Here.
  • It was last used for modifications to the landscape for accuracy to the real world.


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