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Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level 1-20
Location South of CP Isle
Inhabitants See below.

Bobtropica is an island which belongs to Bow Tieland. The founder was Bob.


It was founded in 1989 by the former king's dad, Bob. (see next section). People loved him as their ruler. Many people moved to Bobtropica and it soon was very crowded. It became a vacation spot and prospered... Until Bob was shot by a Snowball Gun and died. His son came into power and destroyed the once prosperous economy.

Help is Needed

Crime was high, Economy bad. The once great island ended, or so they thought. They asked the USA for help but were turned down. Then, it happened.

Savior Tom Has Come!

In 2010, the old ruler had become fat and lazy and the economy plunged. Tom came to the rescue! He marched his army straight onto the island and locked the old ruler in a broom closet. Then, he cut the broom closet OUT OF the house and mailed him to the Tigernose as a get-back-at for throwing TSP out of power present. (Tom is a loyal Turtlenator). He then brought the economy back up and it became Bob's reign all over again, only minus the death.


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