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Bobby is a spastic penguin and the brother of Mac4eva434. Rookie thought he was his brother.

Rookie thought Bobby was his brother because Bobby kept calling Rookie, "". Agent Comics101 forced Rookie to take good care of his "baby brother", and Rookie tried to get rid of him all day. G ran a DNA test proving Bobby was not related to Rookie. To further confirm G's theory, his real brother, Mac4eva434, found him after flyers had been posted.

He once helped Aunt Arctic solve a code. Poor AA had locked herself out of her igloo after forgetting the combination to her security system. Bobby had overheard the beeping sounds the item produced, and began to recite them in tune. Others who tried to help the journalist enter her home realized that Bobby had memorized her access code, and several attempts to coax him out of it eventually resulted in AA's igloo being unlocked. Things they had attempted included candy, a free tour of G's laboratory, etc. . Folks even offered to read him nursery rhymes for a soothing effect, but Bobby then screamed a lot because he claimed he heard "scary songs" while listening the the rhymes.

In the end, however, a female peach-colored penguin sporting red hair and earing a green hooded sweatshirt had the Moderators block the annoying Bobby. She had to force him out of Aunt Arctic's house, shouting "Bobby! Go home! You don't live here!".


  • Bobby is a parody of Cheese from the cancelled Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends television series.

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