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Bludd Lapooh
Bludd Lapooh
Vital statistics
Title Oh no, it's him!
Gender Male
Race Orange Puffle
Faction Scary
Health We wish it was zero... but it isn't.
Level Unknown
Status Looking for his lost LOL Cat
Location Wanders
Occupation Looking for his cat
Interests His cat, his looks and his money
Friends Everyone (to himself and only himself)
Enemies Everyone (don't mention it to him or he'll get angry)
Archetype Scary (again)

Bludd Lapooh is another of Fudd's brothers, who wanders around the USA looking for his lost squeeze toy


On May 25, 1975 Bludd Lapooh was born. His mother wanted to call him Budd but his father wanted to call him Mludd (who would want to call their kid THAT?).

Finally after 5 hours of arguing they decided to mix up the names and call him Bludd. His brothers and sisters shuddered at the freaky-sounding name.

His life was farely normal until one day he bought a squeeze toy from a freak travelling salesman who claimed that it would talk.

However when he brought it home it didn't talk, or make any kind of sound except for an annoying squeaking.

Bludd didn't mind and he still loved it and played of it but one day it got lost in the USA. Bludd grew depressed and decided to search for it.

Eventually he got lost and hid underneath a rock in the forest. He didn't come out until he heard a squeaking noise, and thinking it was his toy, he ran out of his hiding place only to find out too late what it was.

A Wild Teddy Bear!

It picked him up and threw him into a container of Ditto.

To be continued!


Bludd wanders about the USA in search of his lost squeeze toy.


  • Never call him FREAKY, or he'll throw a fit.

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