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Blowfish image
A puffer fish puffed up
Vital statistics
Title Porcupine fish
Gender Male/Female
Race Fish
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Least Concern
Location The Ocean

Blowfish (also known as Puffer Fish or Porcupine Fish) are green fish that live in the waters of Antarctica. They are green in appearance and have orange spikes and fins. Some larger species have purple spikes


Pufferfish are an introduced species, made when penguins decided that it would be cool to have these little things in the water. They have multiplied and are now very common.


Penguins swimming or diving underwater may run into one of these things. They are very shy and cautious and will puff up if anybody gets close to them. The spikes are not posionous, but they hurt.

However, the eyes and liver of a blowfish are. Penguins rarely eat blowfish, but when they do it has to be prepared properly. If it hasn't, whoever eats it is doomed.

Jellyfish are immune to such risks and eat porcupine fish freely.


  • A famous pufferfish was in The Simpenguins Movie
  • The PETF is against eating Puffer Fish. None of their campaigns say the risks of death while eating one
  • In reality, blowfish and porcupine fish are two different creatures.

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