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RocketSlugReloaded RocketSlugReloaded 16 May 2020

Long time no see

This is pretty much copying my bio but I just thought I should pop in and say hello.

I was Rocket Slug. I can't sign into my old account so here's this one. I'm not sure of how significant I was, and I made a lot of mistakes during my time here, but I was literally a stupid kid with near-unlimited internet access.

I started writing here when I was 9, I'm 20 now. For those of you curious about the lack of posts from founding users, we moved over to a different website ages ago. It looks like the new website is down, but I'll share this post here as well if/when I'm ever able to get back into that site.

A lot has changed since my departure. I'm now a sophomore in college and I still write and s


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Quackerpingu Quackerpingu 5 February 2018


Quack. --

Quackerpingu (talk)

11:49, February 5, 2018 (UTC)

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Xaryluver223 Xaryluver223 9 December 2015


Yep just found this account and embarassed. Can someone delete this account?

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WaddleAlong WaddleAlong 6 August 2015

Why I oppose Fanon Wiki

[19:04] nah Waddle

[19:04]  we will never leave wikia

[19:04]  but we will ignore you

[19:04]  cause you are irrelevant 

[19:06]  Waddle fanon wikia is ours

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WaddleAlong WaddleAlong 5 August 2015

Petition to enable Wikia Chat

As the chat was previously disabled on the request of a previous regime, I propose chat is enabled.

It would allow the clean-up effort to procede smoothly.

-WaddleAlong (talk)

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WaddleAlong WaddleAlong 28 July 2015

Renovating some articles!

Deleted - Certain members of The Other Place keep messing up a blog designed to coordinate efforts on a clean-up.

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WaddleAlong WaddleAlong 25 July 2015


Hey all,

I've been working on the railways for a while now and I'm finally updating some of the articles. Does anyone want to share ideas?

- WaddleAlong

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Wonderweez Wonderweez 22 March 2015



I see that Wikia staff shot down the CPFW's efforts to peacefully merge the two sites together. Disappointing. I'm not one to butt into things, however, I feel this is a very stupid thing to do. We moved for a reason, we did not like your UI, Vector, CSS, etc. We prefer a more down to earth style. If you can't respect that, so be it. But you should at least give us the right to control OUR articles that we came up with, regardless of some term of use that surrenders control of such articles to the company. That's why people move in the first place...

You can stop a wiki from disappearing, but you cannot stop an idea from disappating. -Wonderweez User Talk:Wonderweez|Talk 16:56, March 22, 2015 (UTC)

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Swiss Ninja Swiss Ninja 8 March 2010

I quit: here is the will

That is right. I have had the last straw, so i am gonna quit. I am sorry, but i cant stand the pressure anymore.

As a request, please leave the pictures and templates on my User Page alone, like as if i never left.

Here is the Will:

  • 1 Turtleshroom
  • 2 Corai and Maddieworld
  • 3 Mectricxertic
  • 4 Explorer
  • 5 Fair Game
  • 6 Sossions

I want you to have my character page: Swiss Ninja

You have been an inspiration.

Please have the Snowzerland Government Articles; includes Zurich, the Castle etc. I also prohibit Happyface interfering with the articles.

Also, Maddieworld, please take care of my family articles.

Can someone restore the battle Droid articles too for my army?

  • Bellina - treat her well.

I couldnt leave without giving



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NotAnEditor NotAnEditor 12 December 2009


I'm not sure where my last post on this topic went, but here's my new one: I've finished that idea I mentioned.

We make posts on controversial (real-world) topics, and everyone posts their position on it. BUT no-one is allowed to argue. If they do, their comment is instantly deleted.



Bob:I believe the world was made by the flying spagetti monster.

Fred:What kind of idiot believes that?!!

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