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Blackout of Denes and Zandomia
Denes, and Zandomia unlit.
Vital statistics
Participants Scientists in WPB, population of Denes and Zandomia.
Date November, 1994
Location Denes

The Blackout of Denes and Zandomia was a blackout, that happened on the 12th of November, 1994. It was caused by the WPB, who were working on making the TV accessible in Warmslates. After this scandal, the works on the television were stopped. They were continued two years after the event, in 1996.

The event[]

It was a nice evening, at 8:00 PM. At least for Zandomia. Denes, as usual was full of traffic. Meanwhile, in the WPB were lots of scientists working on a classified topic. Actually it was TV. The WPB wanted to make a public television in Warmslates. Scientists from Antarctica gathered on this island. They were told, that the quicker they do it, the larger sum of money they will be paid. Some of them decided to play unfair. Three of them quickly sneaked into the windworks in the southern part of Denes. They were intelligent. By attaching cables to the electric pump, electricity was sent to the WPB, instead of Denes, and Zandomia. Zandomian windworks were being repaired, after a stormy night, so it used the electricity from the capital. When electricity was transferred, they could finish their project.

Unfortunately it used all of the electricity supply from the windworks. At 8:30 PM on Denes and Zandomia the lights went out. The only building left lit was the WPB, so the police started investigating there first. They quickly found out, who did it, and they were put in prison. Even, though the antennaes were finished, they had to abort the project. This was pointless, and the Warmslates had to wait another 21 months, until another project was finished, and WPB 1 was started.


The blackout lasted for 5 hours and 43 minutes. During this time, many penguins got hurt by walking onto objects. Imagine, if in your town all lights went out, including your house! Lots of penguins got seriously injured. When finally, at 1:13 AM lights were restored, all penguins were taken to hospital. It resulted in 8 penguins deaths, and 78 serious injuries. This was the biggest tragedy in the history of Warmslates. Some parts of the cities/islands were destroyed. But everything was quickly cleaned up. Since this time, the windworks are guarded 24 hours a day.

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