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Beringon is a type of virus spread by eating bad items. If it merges with Numorious, it will become the Your Page Title Here diesease.

The Catch[]

It's quite unknown. It's probably after coughing or achooing at you from a sick penguin or a penguin containing lots and lots of virus.


There are two sorts, mainly Usual and The Most Ridiculous Symptom Ever (MRSE).


The penguin usually starts getting crazy, shouting "LOL" and Leet all over. He will also somehow destroy everthing on it's way.


The affected penguin will start saying "Stop Error Suckish" repeatedly for seven straight days. Seven!.


Like the Numorious, it enscripts three stages.

  1. The penguin will need to put some liquid under his or her's tail feather, to avoid exiting to another penguin. The liquid is named "Magic Gel".
  2. The penguin will be enscrpited a code like the one in Numorious. It goes like this:

64894161644918618491744894899127210754894894894899925892174561075921097420672745620.74562.04502424207457862378378237207272078275120410271278591259720942507212078592019751071234567890141707057015708708708701870587057579837423948213183193019302939132848275436547758492031475895791427614278942587217894191479451718758127127892142457120789027912041562003010110101010520 520416+076210745612073210710352378320137812073783.203710373753.1207730730343713751267812967821197802104

  1. The penguin will later eat a pill, known as "Hyper-Super-Duper-Muppet-Happy-And-You-Are-A-Fat-Pizza-Medicine (HSDMHAUAAFP<)". Most penguins despise the name.

And the penguin's cured!


  • Look closely at the third line in the cure. The numbers "7892142457120789" are the exact same code used for the I-Love-You Flu Virus. Strange...
  • Another factor. If the code "272107548948948948999258" is enscripted into the Command Promptation Computer 5000, the computer responds "Absouloute Destruction to occur in 5 minutes".
  • In "ERM256", the book, Venus gets infected with the diesease.
  • A puffle is unlikely to obtain this diesease due to the special "Furball Mix" inside of one. The puffle's fur will probably stop it from entering, and the penguin can't achoo so low, right?
  • 24Keyser obtained the diesease, for only one day. He was cured later.
  • The numbers "5612073210710352378320137812073783.203710373753" has been made into a parody for the fictional-fictional virus in one of Aunt Arctic's books, Why Why Why did the Blah Blah Blah, The Very Fat Virus.

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