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Ben Hun
The once adventurer after a mid-age crisis.
Vital statistics
Title Grandpa
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Stupid
Health Good
Level 100
Status Telling his "grandkids" about his days of adventure
Location His house on Awesome island
Occupation Adventure Storyteller
Interests Polishing treasures he's found years ago, playing games with his "grandkids", and more
Friends Corai, sometimes Flywish
Enemies The Krakken
Archetype Old Adventurer, hobo

The future version of Ben "Moose" Hun (better known by most penguins as That Hobo that lives next door) may not be as intelligent and good looking as the original, but he tells one heck of a story!


For the events just before this that turned him into this slob, please read Ben Hun's Incident After the events of "Ben Hun's Incident, Ben Hun had lost his strength, good looks and most of his pride.

After this he became friendlier, occasionally going on adventures away from time to time, bringing amazing things back with him and things he calls "Ancient Relics of the LOL". He one day, with the help of Big Cat, scared the Krakken and made it flee to the waves for weeks. Ben was called a hero of the HunEmpire for some time and Mr. Rare gave him a "Super Rare" computer that could connect to a website he o-so much loved without being in trouble with the Bureau, LOLcats.

One of Ben Huns adventures brought him in battle with the Leviathan. The beast tore his jacket, but Ben, with his smarts, out smarted the beast and found an escape route so the beast would stop attacking. Poor Ben liked his jacket, saying he got it from his father, and continued to wear it.


Ben Hun now lives on Awesome Island with Brain and Big Cat, telling his grandchildren about his adventures.


  • Corai sometimes visits from Chi Con
  • Gary the Gaget Dude hates him in the future.
  • He got his nickname "Moose" from the wild tales he has of a Moose capturing him and throwing him and some "nice" LOL Cats in prison.
  • Flywish had defeated him a long time ago and this is one of the reasons why he doesn't do adventures anymore.

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