Club Penguin Fan Universe

This is the future of Bellina, but also of Swiss Ninja, Griante, Ninja Wraith, Jessica, Maddieworld, and Darktan's Army


  • Jessica becomes evil and is taken away from being next in throne. Bellina becomes closer to Jessica after this
  • Ninja Wraith is allowed to be next in line after Griante, and Bellina hopes to get rid of Griante because of this.


  • Bellina marries Manny Peng, even though he quit DTA
  • Bellina kills Griante and Ninja Wraith becomes emperor
  • Bellina, Luka, and Xary create the Darth Cube, a moon-sized space station where the ever-growing members of Darktan's Army can reside, headed by Swiss Ninja who turned evil.


  • Bellina forms an alliance with the Demon Penguins to overthrow Darktan and take over his army when she is powergful enough. She is injected with the DNA of Mectrixctic to become almost invincible.


  • Bellina single-handedly defeates Darktan and steals the Aether Amulet, becomming the most powerful entity in the universe. The BoF don't agree and make her lose her powers by falling down an abyss while fighting Fisch.


  • Bellina reveals that she has survived the fall from the abyss and tries to continue her father's legacy. The Aether Amulet is lost forever, but Bellina is still powerful. Also Hardcore escaped from the amulet.