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Belivaskup "Masharita" Nembuk is the lead manafacturer, inspiration and owner of the Vua Tua Building till Hurricane Diana struck. He has several foot fractures on his feet, and he has a walking stick, despite his middle-age!



Nembuk was born in The Khanz Colony in 1963. He had a sister named Jevea, an elder brother named Devuk, and two aunties, two uncles and alive maternal grandparents. They all speak Russian (Tatar), Pengolian and English. Their house has only one story and the living room, kitchen, a toilet (penguins still pee), a heater and two bedrooms in their house, which were one of a kind in Pengolia those days (since they build igloos). His grandparents and parents sleep in one room, whilst he and his siblings sleep in the other.

Back then, there was no television. Their house was exposed to the outside cold and their house have a chance of virtually collapsing from the burden of snow, laying on the broken rooftops of the house.


As his house was in a poor condition, at the age of 8, he designed some sketches (like Perry) about a new house that will be shown to a constructer. His friend, Vitar, and sister Jevea, helped sometimes. When he designed at least 30 drawings, they were given to his parents and grandparents during a certain day: on the seventh day of the eigth month. That was NOT the beggining of the winter solace.

To Be Continued



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