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Vital statistics
Type Area
Level Depends...mostly targeted at those aged between 18 to 21.
Location West Coast of CP
Inhabitants Crabs. Lots of them. Penguins and puffles visit there often.

Beach, or reffered to as the West Beach, is one of the two beaches in Club Penguin. The other beach is the Cove, or the East Beach. Why did they call this place beach even though this area has no sand while the Cove has (something similar to sand)? Check the background for more details.

The Beach is used as an entrance to the Lighthouse and to relax in the sun. It is decorated occasionally for islandwide parties. It is also where Rockhopper parks his ship whenever he visits Club Penguin.


Orgin of Name[]

The name for the area "Beach" orginated during the Penguin Chat days. There were only four areas back then, and the Beach was not one of them. Now, the Beach was officially recognized as an area just days before CP was founded. It was called the "Beach", since they believed it would be used for Beach activities.

When CP was formed, there was an islandwide search, and to "create" new areas that will help CP prosper. The Cove was found last of all included in the search, and because the name "Beach" was taken, and that they don't want to renovate every redlink, they came up with the name "Cove".

They now refer the Cove as the "East Beach" and the Beach as the "West Beach". A "North Beach" refers to the Iceberg for it's somewhat thin ice.

Orgin of Area[]

In 2005, Darvin McNied was ordered by the USA to find a spot as the beach of Club Penguin. Back then, the east of Club Penguin was forbidden, along with the northwest. Darvin went towards the west and found and isolated yet perfect spot for beach activities. That was how it became the Beach.

Everyone came there to build snowcastles (at the time, it had the best snow), relax in the sun, take a swim or have fun at the defunct C0sY bAr. It was said to be the best place for a beach, until PEnguin Chat transformed into Club Penguin and the Cove, Snow Forts and much more founded. The Beach Crash started that very day.

A lighthouse was built to navigate Rockhopper through the seas. IT also included a beacon at the top. That was how the Beach Crash ended, with hundreds of thousands fledding back to the Beach.

Today, it is a port for Rockhopper's ship to arrive and exit, along with many other things.

Port of Club Penguin Island=[]

In addition to a place for the Migrator to dock, the Beach is where Club Penguin's port is. Now, it's a small area, and the water is shallow. So it was dredged, and several docks were established, as well as an oil refinery. The port has a large amount of workers.

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