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The thing is one fo Chi Con's finest weapons.
Vital statistics
Type Meele-Range gun
Effects Can stun a penguin or puffle with one shot, or can jab with a built-in icicle
Source Metal and Ice
Location Meele-Range gun.
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The Bayonet is a gun that is somewhat powerful, as a mere single shot can send a penguin or puffle to the ground.


In the Great Fanon War, Chi Con needed better weaponry. Like always, they looked to Dara, who created one of the most devestating weapons of 2000-2010. Dara happily accepted, and soon the Bayonet was made. Soon after being mass produced, Chi Con began using them in conflict. They helped Chi Con greatly, as they began winning battles after using it. The Bayonet is two knicicles attached to a custom made snowball gun. One goes on the top, and the other on the bottom. In a factory, Icicles are attached to a gun with water, which quickly freezes in the arctic. However, sometimes the ice can freeze over the gun, securing the gun more properly. It shoots frozen compressed pizza, icicles, and standard snowball bullets. It has a magazine capacity of 50, and has rapid fire options and shotgun options.

Dara's original version was three feet long, lethal, and weighed 10 pounds, being more like a cannon.


  • Unlike its reality counterpart, the bayonet is non-lethal.
  • Dara invented the Bayonet, but her verson was much to heavy and powerful, and it was also lethal. The military cut it down to how it is now and mass produced.

How to fire and load[]

  • Stuff a iceicle, snowbullet, or a frozen pizza down the gun-hole
  • Ram it down with a stick
  • Pour some Ditto A into the gun.
  • Pull the trigger
  • BAM



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