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Battle of Kume Valley[]

The inhospitable Kume Valley was the scene of an ancient battle between miners and trolls that both sides came to use as an excuse for the mutual enmity. It was said to be the only known battle in which both sides ambushed the other.

Later engagements have led to a total of sixteen battles of Koom Valley (seventeen counting a "fracas" in Vilinus Pass), only three of which took place in the valley itself. This is in part due to the battle being a convenient patch for rips in time often used by the Time Ninjas, although the Trolls suggest that something about the valley itself encourages violence. Over time, the Battle of Koom Valley ceased to be tied to any one location, and tended to appear anywhere and everywhere as a justification for any conflicts whatsoever between miners and trolls.

Kume Valley's story is eventually revealed: The intention was to sign a treaty, but heavy fog came down, and when it lifted some took the sudden sighting of their mortal enemies for an ambush and tried to attack. Both sides fell on their own to keep this from happening, and fought until a flash flood washed them all away. The only word to come from the valley was exactly the wrong one.

This led to the continuation of the enmity until the efforts of a PSA agent revealed the truth thousands of years later, in the process uncovering the last resting place of B'hrian Pikacks, the first Miner. He was playing an early form of Mess with Diamond, king of Trolls.