Club Penguin Fan Universe

Bat X is the X-Antibody of Bat. He is a sinister creature who wants nothing more than world domination.


Like most creatures, Bat caught the X-Virus. He started sweating uncontrollably and his eyes started watering. That's when he saw the red X on his belly. Bat then coughed out a black slime which formed into a penguin that had larger fangs and larger wings than Bat. "SO FAR, I DO NOT LIKE THIS PLANET. I SHALL TAKE IT OVER! HA HA! " The X-Antibody flew off into a cave somewhere in the Forest. Bat decided to carry on with hunting for food, but he was thinking about the mysterious X-Antibody.


  • Bat X hunts for metal to eat because, unlike Bat, he has to survive on metal objects.
  • Nightmare considers him to be a great X-Antibody.
  • He likes to eat G's inventions.
  • He likes drinking ditto.