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Bass Xexexoo
He's here to <insert verb> your <insert noun>.
Vital statistics
Title Jack of all Trades
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Good
Health Excellent
Level 103
Status Repairing various items
Location Anywhere in Antarctica
Occupation Handyman
Interests Horology and dentistry
Friends Kerbpuff, XeXeXe
Enemies None
Archetype Eccentric but helpful

Bass Xexexoo, commonly called Xexexoo or XeXeXoo, is a XeXeXe lookalike and an expert repairman. He is multiskilled and is knowledgeable in many different subjects, primarily horology and dentistry. However, he is often confused for XeXeXe in disguise, so many Anti-Turtlenators attempt to avoid him.




Xexexoo is similar to XeXeXe in species and feather color, but that's where the similarities end. Xexexoo sports a brown trench coat and a fisherman's hat, and he has a mustache (somewhat similar to Whoot Smackler Whoot's) right above his beak. Instead of wielding a snowshovel, he carries a suitcase in which he keeps his many tools.

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Xexexoo travels around Antarctica, repairing various items for others along the way. He works as a handyman for hire, and fixing and cleaning things is the only source of his income. He is good friends with Kerbpuff (who still checks to make sure he's not actually XeXeXe in disguise) and is acquainted with XeXeXe, for whom he often does menial tasks in exchange for loads of money.

Xexexoo has a frightening ability to appear out of nowhere, which adds to his XeXeXe-like qualities. Xexexoo seems to have obtained an all-access map from Mayor McFlapp at some point in his career, after the handyman fixed up his organ. This allows him to teleport just about anywhere in Antarctica.

No matter who's hiring him, Xexexoo always says the same line upon entering: "Hello. My name is Bass... XeXe... Xoo... and I'm here to <insert verb> your <insert noun>." This usually leads to awkward situations where XeXeXoo says something random, such as "I'm here to POSSESS YOUR COMPUTER" or "I'm here to IGNITE YOUR CARPET" or "I'm here to LICK YOUR SPARKPLUGS".


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