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Barney Brisbone
Vital statistics
Title A. de C to Chief Mark Ulmag
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Arrested for Suspected Treachery and Support for Reformists
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Occupation Aide-de-camp (Helped the Chief Mark)
Friends Edmund McLennon, Isaac Ardmore, Derrick Leeward
Enemies Chief Mark Ulmag

Barney Brisbone was the aide du camp to Chief Mark Ulmag from 1837 to 1867, when he was arrested for supporting reformist ideas. He helped recruit penguins for Edmund McLennon's reformist movement.


Barney was born in the Capital (no one knows when). He spent his entier life there. The Brisbone family came from a long line of servants to the Chief Mark, ever since they came to Antarctica in 1196. Barney didn't want to wait on the chief mark hand and foot for all his life.

One cool day in April, during the annual fall festival, Barney was watching the parade. He watched the Royal Home Guard (a mish-mash of police and soldiers) pass by. He decided that he wanted to join them when he grew up.

In the 1780s, Barney was recruited. From 1816 to 1836, he was head of the Home Guard's Southern Divsion. In 1836, he was fired and went to live with his parents until he could find another job. His father suggested he get a job working wor the Chief Mark. Reluctantly, he took a job as Ulmag's aide de camp and it turned out, he loved it.

In 1864, he met Edmund. Edmund persuaded him to support his reforms. In 1867, after Edmund was arrested, all who aupported Edmund were arrested as well. 32 years later, he helped all the reformists break out of prison. Barney recruited soldiers to help coup Ulmag. Barney fought Bradley Knightstep in the Coup of Ulmag. After the penguins who couped Ulmag were banished in 1902 for treason, Barney was never seen again.


  • Not much is known about Barney. His history is unclear. His relations with other penguins are foggy, as well.
  • Barney was the main fighter in the coup.
  • It is unknown if he is alive or not. He had been spotted on a small, uncharted island near UnitedTerra in the 1940s, along with a small colony of High Penguins.

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