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Barkjon's player card
Vital statistics
Title Barkjon Waverider
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Faction Explorers of Club Penguin
Health Health
Level Level
Status Member
Location Club Penguin, Exploration Island

Webmaster of the Club Penguin Wiki
CoronationFebruary 4, 2008
Full nameBarkjon Waverider
TitlesWebmaster of the Club Penguin Wiki
BornJuly 20, 1996
BirthplaceTierra del Fuego
DiedHas not deceased yet
Place of deathHas not deceased yet
BuriedHas not deceased yet
SuccessorSharkbate or Metalmanager
OffspringNone None
Royal HouseThe Club Penguin Wiki
DynastyThe Webmaster Dynasty
Royal anthem"Boom" by P.O.D.
Royal mottoNone
Saint Barkjohn Waverider

Co-Webmaster of the Club Phengin Weekee
Born Tierra Del Fuego
Considered Saint in USA, Clubb Phengin Weekee, Tierra del Fuego
Promoted to The Most Awesome January 1st, 2010, Club Penguin by Bishopess Olivia (on the P.O.P.E.'s behalf)
Promoted to Saint Februrary 4th, 2010, Clubb Phengin Weekee by P. Benzin
Major shrine Barkjon's Usapage, Clubb Phengin Weekee
Celebration day July 3rd
Promoted because Co-Webmaster of the Clubb Phengin Weekee
Known for Kindness, courtesy, modesty, good leadership, respect, the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Barkjon is a teenage penguin who has lived in Club Penguin for nearly three years. He, like TurtleShroom, has an obbession with crosses. Like Explorer 767, Barkjon can break the fourth wall. He once ruled as the Webmaster of the Club Penguin Wiki and was canonized as a Governance Saint in 2010 for all of his hard work.


Barkjon is a black penguin who was born on Tierra del Fuego, an island to the south-east of South America. His parents died in a boating accident when he was very young, thus made an orphan. He moved into an orphanage for a short while, but later lived in a small cave on the side of the island with a friend. His friend and he went a surfing expedition, but were thrown off course and they landed at the Cove, in Club Penguin. He currently lives in Half Pipe, though he is usually exploring the United States of Antarctica.


Barkjon is a photographer for the Penguin Times, a member of the Club Penguin Pro Surfing Team, one of the authors of the Club Penguin Wiki (an encyclopedia all about Club Penguin), the drummer in the band the Pengu's (and others), the drummer in the Club Penguin Band for a short while, and an employee in the Pizza Parlor. He is a member of the Troublesome Trio. Barkjon also has a talent for mechanics, which was shown in Quest for the Golden Waffle when he created an Electronic Thumb from an IcePod.


Barkjon is a medium-sized black penguin with spiky yellow hair who almost invariably wears a black hoodie.


  • W00t!
  • PWNed!
  • com!
  • <awkward silence>

Famous For[]

  • Being the first skateboarding penguin.
  • Most famous surfer, next to Cody Maverick.
  • Discovering most of the more "haunted" places.
  • Being a photographer for the Penguin Times.
  • Being one of the most mischievous penguins ever.
  • Drumming in a lot of bands, and being more famous by doing that than Scooter and G-Billy.
  • Being in the Troublesome Trio.


Barkjon is mischievous, taps to a beat wherever he goes, and waits for the minute the Penguin Academy gets out to ride his surfboard. But, he's a loner. He doesn't have many friends, no parents, and his family rarely sees him. He isn't happy being famous.

He works as a soldier in Queen Amelia's army.

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February 4, 2008 - May 2009

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