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A born business-man
Vital statistics
Title Berkan "Banks" Gerkans
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Manager of the 1st Bank of South Pole City
Health Money Enriched
Level 80
Status Managing a bank
Location South Pole City


Ever since the day he was two, Berkan Gerkans wanted to become an investor in money, When he was about five, he received his first money-related item. A cash register. He used it to open up his very own cookie stand. That's where he met Ninjinian. Ninjinian was three years older than him, and he loved cookies, so he bought most of Berkan's inventory. Ninjinian then paied him, and he saw that it lit up Berkan's eyes, so he decided to let him come to UnitedTerra to operate a small-time bank when he was old enough. When Berkan was old enough, Ninjinian let him come with him to a bank in UnitedTerra. Berkan was an excellent manager for the bank, that Ninjinian jokingly nicknamed him "Banks". Eventually, Banks left UnitedTerra to go to South Pole City to get a job in the First Bank of South Pole City. He ended up as manager.


Banks manages the First Bank of South Pole City, and saves his money, but doesn't spend it. He also lives in South Pole City, five blocks down from where he works.


Banks usually wears a white short sleeved shirt under a tan or brown jacket, and a red a tie, also, he sometimes wears his money tie.


  • Don't let his personality fool you. He is not obsessed with money.
  • He is an avid tie collector.
  • His first business was running a cookie stand.
  • He lives alone, with no puffles. However, he does like the peace and quiet.
  • He loves and enjoys reading.
  • Surprisingly, he hates math.
  • He is normal, in contrast to a few other penguins he knows.

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