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Banana Blaster
Banana Blaster image
The Banana Blaster prototype
Vital statistics
Type Unusual weapon
Effects Fires a rapid stream of fruit
Source Bananas
Location In Kwiksilver's pocket.
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell 200 coins

The Banana Blaster is a non-fatal, fruit-firing weapon that is Kwiksilver's weapon of choice. A later version was the Fruit Blaster. It is quite similar to all of Kwiksilver's other weapons.


The Banana Blaster was created in 2008 when G had the idea that a banana could be used as a weapon. He built the prototype and gave it to Kwiksilver to test and it worked. Kwiksilver bought one on the spot. To use it, you load a banana into the slot, set it to splatter or projectile and pull the trigger. On splatter setting, it liquidifies the banana and shoots melted banana liquid at an enemy. On projectile setting, it shoots the whole banana. It will stun an enemy for thirty seconds as they try to eat the banana goop if on splatter, and will knock an enemy over on projectile.


  • Flash bulb(when fighting Darktan)
  • Fish ammo
  • Ditto Snowball Ammo
  • Youtube Player (for watching YTP)


  • Kwiksilver has used it many times against Lava Puffles, as it melts into them and they go away in disgust because they turn yellow.
  • It is non effective against the Str00del Force.
  • It was once used to disguise Sprocket as a yellow Puffle.
  • Kwiksilver is often seen eating his ammo.
  • The ammo is imported from Fruit Island.
  • A thousand Banana Blasters knocked out a fully grown Magma Puffle at the Great Darktonian Pie War. Bananas are an excellent source of Potassium, Lava Puffles and Magma Puffle's immune systems cannot handle Potassium. They collapse unconscious and develop a taste for banana-related foods, in addition becoming good.
  • Bananas aren't the only type of ammo this infernal contraption can fire. It can fire a wide range of ammo, including other fruit, Ditto snowballs, pie, shards of glass, and other potentially non-lethal small projectiles.
  • Chub 777 owns two of these, one of them has been modified and has two barrels, a magnifying tube and can fire a Dittofied banana.
  • Recently, Willy the Penguin has chosen the Banana Blaster as one of his weapons of choice, for it's humor and it's apparent deliciousness.
  • Willy also eats the bananas that shoot out of it.
  • Sunglasses Penguin recently tryed shooting bacon bits out of it but the result was all the bacon bits exploding.

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