Club Penguin Fan Universe

Cower, brief players.
Vital statistics
Title The Automatic Grim Reaper
Gender Male
Race Anthropomorphic Personification
Faction none
Health Health
Level The Square Root of -1
Status Status
Location Everywhere and Nowhere

Ban is the Antropomorphic Personification of Banning. He appears as a skeletal penguin holding a giant Lollipop which, if needed, generates a smell that causes anyone sniffing it to chase after it at top speed. When a penguin swears or violates the CP Rules, Ban will display the orange moderator box, explaining the ban's purpose and its duration. He will then take their penguin away.

If penguins are banned forever, Ban is believed to take them to places such as Hackzon Valley, 90-150, and Ban Island.

The Duty[]

THE DUTY is what Ban refers to as his task of ushering the penguins of the banned to wherever it is they go.

Unlike the actual Grim Reaper, Ban carries a Lollipop (of 'proverbial sweetness') instead of a scythe. He uses this to "lure" the penguins all the way to their appointed place.

When asked about the Lollipop, Ban replied:

'Tis not my reason to explain why I use the Lollipop of Proverbial Sweetness for The Duty. Mind your own beeswax. I have found that Candy serves better a purpose than a Sickle ever shall. For it is the Sweetness of my dessert that lures them to me, making The Duty easier on all.


Yet to Come

The Librarian of Thanksgiving Yet to Come, for comparison's sake.

  • Ban talks like this.

  • Ban clearly states, time and time again, that he is not the Librarian of Thanksgiving Future from the holiday novel or anything to do with him. He was quoted as saying: "The fellow Librarian is my Kin, not I. We share The Duty, where We art needed."

but many believe this was a hoax as Ban does't use Old English dialect in his speech.

  • Some penguins make fun of Ban by posting fake videos on PengTube showing Ban holding up an orange ban sign saying weird things like "The server has automatically blocked you for saying a bad word. You said: Wanna be friends?"
  • Ban owns a white puffle with red eyes (named Binky because its a nice name).

  • He experimented with a flaming puffle (It set the bed on fire)

and a skeletal puffle(What does a puffle's skeleton look like anyway ?).

  • Ban never shouts. Ever.
  • It is a common myth that Ban uses Old English, the kind used in Olde Antarctica. This is false.

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