Club Penguin Fan Universe
Babypuff image
Babypuff with Maddieworld's other puffle Happy
Vital statistics
Title Mabel's best friend
Gender Female
Race Purple Puffle
Faction Good, but a little mean like Mabel
Health Good
Level 6
Status Unknown
Location With the MMV


Babypuff is Maddieworld's puffle and she is an MMK wannabee.


Babypuff was born with her parents and three brothers living in an abandoned puffle house. All was well when a big storm came to their home. When this happend, Babypuff would not come out from under the little blanket in the house. When some time passed she saw a penguin walking in the storm. She wondered,"why would a penguin be out walking in this horrible storm?". The penguin came over and patted Babypuff on the head. Babypuff felt immensly calm after that. She fell fast asleep in the puffle bed in the abandoned puffle home near an abandoned igloo. The next day, the storm was over and Babypuff went outside to play. Everyhting looked horrible. Many trees fell down because they were struck by lightning(did I mention that Babypuff's home was right near Blizzard's cave?). When Babypuff got older, she decided to explore for a new home. She then saw a brown pen where she met Blizzard. A giant arrow started following them both. Not knowing where to hide, Babypuff took her chances and went into the brown pen. She was then put in a steel cage an carried to a myterious building where she was put with other puffles. This is where she met Happy, a cheerful young yellow puffle. The same penguin who was in the storm, Maddieworld, walked into the pet shop and gave the penguin who looked like the clerk of the shop some coins. She then picked up Happy and Babypuff. Babypuff nor Happy knew what was going on. She got taken to an big, purple igloo on Misty Island. Maddieworld said,"Babypuff, Happy, this is your new home. I hope you enjoy running around together.". This is what happened so far in Babypuff's life.


Babypuff is Mabel's best friend and a MMK wannabee.


  • Babypuff has a little crush on Blizzard
  • Babypuff admires Mabel (although the same can't be said for Mabel), so she tends to sometimes act like her.
  • She is an actress puffle on the show Happiness.
  • She is lead singer in the band Puffle Times Three!

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