Club Penguin Fan Universe

Your Attention Please:
- The Webmaster System has been Abolished in replace of a Bobcraric Bureaucrat Thingamadoodle. You'll all get your coronations and crowns, because we're swapping to a Council. Webmasters may work on the Dragons Wiki and Rocket Science Wiki, but they are Epic Fail here. We will not risk it again.

You may call them BOBMASTERS (informally) or Bureaucrats, (formal and software) but please bureaucrats for our sanity.

Current Presiding BOBMASTERS[]

See Special:ListUsers

Always seek the active users. They are the bureaucats of this wiki.

Demoted users[]


Users who we demoted because they are inactive, have quit or just didn't want the powers.


Reluctant by orders of US government, not due to Wiki's Fault.


These are previous BOBmasters who were fired for one reason or another.


  • The BOBMASTERS has a primary say. You may voice your opinions.
  • They run the site with the sysops.
  • All BOBMASTERS are equal.
  • They get a coronation.
  • DEMOCRACY! People can vote and stuff.
  • They get a crown.

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