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Vital statistics
Name Awesomesauce
Type Band
Location Varied
Head ZapWire
Job Musician
Members See the members section
HQ ZaWire's home

Awesomesauce is a heavy metal band formed by ZapWire.


ZapWire was sick and tired of the light rock bands. He wanted something heavier. He tried playing solo, but there is only so much you can do with a keyboard. He posted ads in the news, and members poured in.


  • ZapWire plays the keyboard and is the founder.
  • Hat Pop plays the maracas, which have a special chip embedded to synthesize it and make it sound heavier.
  • Ninjinian plays the solo-guitar. He usually leads off the beginning's & the solo's, but rarely shows up due to "business calls".
  • Barkjon plays the drums, percussion, and occasionally bass guitar.
  • The A-Kong plays an acoustic guitar.
  • Agent Turtle plays synths or electric gutair.


  • The album Mother of Puppets
    • Jack of Spades
    • Headbangers and Mash
    • Umläüts ön Evërythïng
    • Marionette Woman
    • Power Cord
    • Loner (Freezelandian title is Solos, instrumental)
    • Skeeball Blizzard
    • Mathchild
  • The album Leather Cloak - the Covers
  1. Leather Cloak (title track)
  2. That's How We Roll
  3. Awesomesauce/Campfire Song Song Extended
  4. Awesomesauce/Campfire Song Song
  5. Aces High
  6. Sweet Victory (heavy metal remix)
  • The album Nügat Flavoured Pain
    • Yeast
    • We Are The Sky Crew
    • I'm Not the Walrus
    • Radon Balloons in the Sky

Chart positions[]

Year Single Chart positions
2009 "That's How We Roll" 1 1 Leather Cloak - the Covers
"Leather Cloak" 2 3 6
"Jack of Spades" 9 14 - - Mother of Puppets


  • The band is popular in Scoodlepeep, which actually likes the headbanging and the fact that LiveWire's brother is involved. (Note that it would be really hard & would take a lot of preparation for to allow penguins to get into Scoodlepeep, but Baby N. also agreed to it, considering his older brother.)