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Avatar Warmech
A candy sword and whip cream laser, wow.
Vital statistics
Type Warmech
Effects You get hit by a cnady sword, punches, or buried in whip cream.
Source Metal and food.
Location Warmech
Cost to buy Not for sell
Cost to sell Not for sell

Not to be confused with Avatars

Avatar(Mech) is a blistering exapme of a warmech made for food fights. Armed with pies to whip cream lasers. It can defeat anyone in a food fight.


The Avatar(Mech) is a gleaming example of a Warmech based for food fights. One arm for shooting a laser of whip cream. Another for a candy sword. It also has 2 extra arms armed with Pie Guns. Another more dangeros version, the Avatar Warmech V2. Made for actual warfare.


  • Its a parady of the Nod Avatar Warmech. From CNC4.
  • It is created from a Crawler.

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