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Future Auzziez Rulez
Vital statistics
Title Future Auzziez Rulez
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Very poor
Level Homeless
Status Mentally unsound
Location In a van, down by the river.

According to the Future, Auzziez Rulez will have a long and rough life.


We don't know much about Future Auzziez Rulez yet, but probably will, in years time.
Things that are known about him as of now:

  • He will have low-end jobs until the age of fifty five, in which crushing debt will result in him being evicted and homeless.
  • He will be murdered at the age ninety one. Cause of death: food poisoning.
  • He will become a homeless hobo after he turns fifty five.
  • He will own an airplane, but will be forced to sell it to pay off his debt.
  • He will have mental issues once he loses his job.
  • Auzziez will blow most of his money on buying lamps. Why he did so is unknown. This lamp debt
  • Auzziez will recieve charitable donations starting at fifty six and will, like all old folks, be moved to Snowflake Valley Retirement Home when he hits fifty nine.


This information will be mailed to Auzziez Rulez in about seven weeks. Poor penguin...


  • As a hobo, he will live in a van, down by the river.
  • He will own a monocle which he will retain after he becomes homeless.
  • The Future Auzziez Rulez will own a time machine prior to becoming a hobo.
  • Most penguins don't make it past forty five; how Auzziez thrived after that age is up for debate.

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