Club Penguin Fan Universe

Auzziez Rulez
Vital statistics
Title Awesome
Gender Dude
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health 90%
Level Unknown
Status Member, Level 3
Location Igloo, Fire Dojo
Friends His money, Fanta Waters, his puffles, Carzmoviefan
Enemies None
Archetype Good

Auzziez Rulez is an Adelie penguin with money to burn.


Auzziez Rulez is rich, with a total of one million coins. He never likes to spend them, but always donates as many as he can to Coins For Change. He lives in a MASSIVE mansion, 10 floors.


Auzziez Rulez when he was young didn't know anyone except his family. Since he's 17 years old now, he has alot more friends and is a champion Cart Surfer. He has puffles, who are also some of his best friends. They are named Snowed Under, One Thousand, I Love Tacos, Icicle Man, Snow Machine, Tiger Eye, Bubble Gum and Triple Zero. He used to have a pink puffle named Fairy Floss, but she soon ran away for unknown reasons. His best friend is Fanta Waters.


  • He is a puffle fan, and was the first penguin to discover an orange puffle.
  • He is one of the rare Australian penguins.
  • Auzziez Rulez has a pitch black T-Shirt with the Australian Flag on it, as well as his name in white letters. He made it himself.
  • He has a bro named Carzmoviefan.


Auzziez Rulez has different modes, like everyone. Here's a list of them:

  • 'Cool dude' Mode: The most common mode. He uses this most of the time.
  • Sleep Mode: When he's bored, or snoring. He sleeps 5 hours a night, 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
  • Crazy Mode: When he's gone hypo. This only happens after having healthy food.

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