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Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Services was a ferry company that owned and operated boats Auzua-Gavinci Cargo Ferry, Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Ferry and many other boats between 2003 and 2007. The company dissolved after liquidation and sold it's boats to Gavinci Ferries and an independent operator.


Auzua-Gavnci Ferry Services, the former name, was introduced in 2003 by fellow buissnessman from Auzua Mostafique. It purchased old boats from other ferry companies. The boats names, formerly Kelvin's Boat, Irve Digro, Saldasude, Salsa and Song of Amigo had been respectively renamed to Auzua'd, Gavinci'd, Auzua and Gavinci Ferrying, Salsa Auzua and Song of Gavinci respctively. In 2004, Auzua and Gavinci Ferrying and Song of Gavinci were sold, and two new boats were bought which were renamed Auzua-Gavinci Ferry and the Skies of Gavinci.

In 2005, Auzua'd, Gavinci'd and Salsa Auzua were sold. Two new boats were annouced to be constructed, respectively Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Ferry and Gavinci-Auzua Passneger Ferry. The company had been renamed Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Services prior to that arrangement. Later that year, they also annouced a cargo ferry named Auzua-Gavinci Cargo Ferry, however, the name of the company was not changed.

In 2006, the three boats were completed at different times of the year. Auzua-Gavinci Ferry was renamed Auzua-Gavinci Skies Ferry and Skies of Gavinci was renamed Gavinci-Auzua Skies Ferry. The first boat was sold by December, whilst the second one was renamed Skies of Gavinci. It was sold at the start of 2007.

Gavinci-Auzua Passenger Ferry was sold at the start of 2007 despite outstanding results. The company went into liquidation and was evnetually dissolved in July that year. Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Ferry was sold to Gavinci Ferries, who owns and operates it currently, whilst Auzua-Gavinci Cargo Ferry was sold to an independent owner and operator that later renamed to the same name.


Start Year End Year Boat Name Description
2003 2005 Auzua'd Formerly Kelvin's Boat, sold in 2005.
2003 2005 Gavinci'd Formerly Irve Dirgo, sold in 2005.
2003 2004 Auzua and Gavinci Ferrying Formerly Saldadude, sold in 2004.
2003 2005 Salsa Auzua Formerly Salsa, sold in 2005.
2003 2004 Song of Gavinci Formerly Song of Amerigo, sold in 2004.
2004 2006 Auzua-Gavinci Ferry Formerly unknown, renamed Auzua-Gavinci Skies Ferry in 2006 and sold later that year.
2004 2006 Skies of Gavinci Formerly Skies of Haroldia, renamed Gavinci-Auzua Skies Ferry in 2006 and sold later that year.
2006 July 2007 Auzua-Gavinci Passenger Ferry Sold when company dissolved, to Gavinci Ferries.
2006 January 2007 Gavinci-Auzua Passenger Ferry Sold despite great success.
2006 July 2007 Auzua-Gavinci Cargo Ferry Sold when company dissolved, to independent operator of the same name.
2007 2007 regjsrtsj A boat operated for only a day as it's operator, srgjsergs (or goiswerg) was off-duty. This is intentional by the original author.