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Flywish attack
Vital statistics
Participants Flywish, Flywish's Army, WishFlyX, WishFlyX's Army
Date January 8, 2010
Location WishFlyX's "mansion"

The attack of Flywish (also known as Flywish attack) is an event that showed a message from Flywish sent to WishFlyX.

The event[]

WishFlyX was training his army in his base when he heard a loud explosion. He saw Kyle stealing a dark vase from his "mansion". He told Kyle to stop but Kyle smashed the vase on the ground makingsome kind of dark mist rise which later became known as Chespanyr. They later seized the mansion and then it ended with them destroying it.


  • WishFlyX lost his mansion
  • Lot's of his army got injured
  • Flywish prevailed

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