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Ashton Cool
Jerk Penguin
He looks like a pretty typical Jerk, but he sure doesn't act like one.
Vital statistics
Title The Good Jerk
Gender Male
Race Jerk Penguin
Faction Good
Health I'm good, man.
Status Helping Dorkugese escape
Location Dorkugal

Ashton Soulja Cool is one of Kwiksilver's best friends. He is a Jerk Penguin, but helps the Dorkugese escape from the other Jerks.


As a child, he was different from the other Jerk kids. While the others were rapping and vandalizing, Ashton wrote novels and composed poetry. Because of this, Ashton was thrown out of his gang at age 11. He spent the rest of his life as an outcast until he met Kwiksilver, who was doing some Journalist work. He saved Kwiksilver from falling out a thirty storey window, and they have been friends since.


Ashton works undercover for the Geek Squad under the code name, "Agent Lucky Child". He saves the Dorkugese from a fate worse than death at the hands of other Jerks, the infamous locker issue. He's also had to deal with the evil Fords, which is a very risky business. Ashton also works for the Bureau of Fiction at the Dorkugal Entrance. Kwiksilver calls on him sometimes to help with a particularly dangerous assignment. Ashton acts rashly sometimes, acting before he thinks, which annoys Kwiksilver. Nevertheless, Ashton is an extremely loyal and trustworthy friend.


  • Ashton has written many essays on Jerks, and sends them to G for research.
  • He is a fully qualified teacher, but you wouldn't think so.
  • Rap is poetry by dictionary definition, though Ashton's poetry is much more classy.

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