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Arthemetic Wars
Game Cover
Vital statistics
Type Video Game
Effects Entertainment
Source IConnect
Location Depends
Cost to buy 500 coins
Cost to sell 400 coins

Arthemetic Wars is a video game for the IceyGamer X. It is a top-down arcade shooter. It was released July 15, 2008 everywhere, and was rated E by the ESRBA.


The game has a neon-ish play board. Every second, a mathematical figure is spawned at a corner. You must shoot the figures to get points. The figures cannot get to the centre, otherwise you you one of your lives. If you lose all three, you lose the game. You can also use a bomb to clear the entire board, if you cannot deal with the onslaught.


  • Analog stick for targeting
  • A to fire
  • Trigger buttons for bombs


  • ZapWire enjoys it.
  • It is popular in Dorkugal.
  • It is a parody of Geometry Wars.
  • Fred dislikes this game because, quote: "It doesn't actually involve any real math on the player's part."

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