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Are You Available?
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Vital statistics
Type Television Programme
Effects Laughs and giggles
Source RTF 2 (Or in the USA, RTF USA)
Location 10
Cost to buy 49 Fyro a Month (Television Bill)
Cost to sell Not Sellable

Are You Available? is a Freezelandian sitcom broadcast on RTF 2. It is set in the men's and women's departments of Grace Brothers, a large, Frostborough department store.

It is aired every weekday, at 10:00 to 11:00 in the mornings on RTF 2.


The programme features humour based on misunderstandings, mistaken identity and occasional slapstick. In addition, there were sight gags generated by outrageous costumes which the characters were sometimes required to wear for store promotions, and store displays frequently featuring malfunctioning robotic mannequins.

The main characters included stereotypes as the effeminate Mr. Pacaderm, who lived with his mother; General Riddick, the haughty floorwalker who purportedly fought in the North Eastshield Campaign of the War of 2002 (but was actually in Customs and Border Services and was never in a combat situation); the snobbish and boisterous Mrs. Slocombe with her ever-changing wigs; Miss Shirley Grahms, a young, attractive, working-class, cockney-speaking junior assistant to Mrs. Slocombe; Mr Headbald, the autocratic, obsequious (to young Mr Grace), easily confused section manager; Mr George, the young, broke, woman-chasing junior salesman; and young Mr Grace, the very old (about 102), rich, store owner.

The show spawned the catch phrase "Are you available?", usually said by General Riddick to the staff; more often than not, the staff are noticeably free, and each would look solemnly from side to side before answering, "Yes, I'm available, General Riddick.", when Mr. Pacaderm trilled, "I'm available!", it became his own personal catchphrase. Another recurring catch phrase was "they'll waddle up with wear", about the length of pairs of trousers or sleeves of jackets that were sold. In fact it was used to justify selling anything that did not fit the customer.


In 2007, a film was planned to be made. film was released using the same characters and cast. It was set in the fictional resort of Costa Plonka, on Clearwater Island.


  • The show is in black and white, as most Freezelandian made programmes are.
  • It is rated 12A, for some mild humour.
  • It was not made by RTF, but by a small free company.

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