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Applesauce Science Center
Applesauce Science Center image
There's a hole in the ground through which things can be found.
Vital statistics
Name Applesauce Science Center
Type Research Facility
Location Under the remains of Frezeland.
Head Cake Johnston
Job Researching Warp Technology
Members Shell, Andr00, various other scientists and test subjects
HQ An underground research facility located under the remains of Freezeland.

In the distant future, an abandoned research facility sits under a barren wasteland, the remains of Freezeland. This is the infamous Applesauce Science Center. The only remaining inhabitants are a mad computer called Andr00 and a test subject called Shell. The center's only product is the ASCFWD, the Applesauce Science Center Flipperheld Warp Device.


The Applesauce Science Center was started in 2030 by an insane military commander called Cake Johnston. Johnston decided the center's aim was to create useless things such as a rubber fish holder, fake coins, bottomless paper bags.


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