Club Penguin Fan Universe

Aperson Perry Tite, or Ap. P. Tite, is a ghost found in Keukenhof Castle, home of Swiss Ninja and his family. Ap. P. Tite has a ravenous appetite.


Ap. P. Tite was a Adelie penguin born in Olde Antartica. He was highly allergic to pepper from birth. So, to prevent that allergy, his mother and father gave him meals with no pepper. When he was older, however, he ate meals that had been poisoned with pepper. So he had died from his allergy. But his ghost was still hungry. One night, Swiss Ninja and Maddieworld heard their children screaming and crying during the night. Maddieworld asked what had happened. Jessica explained they thought they heard a ghost in their kitchen. Swiss Ninja went to investigate the problem. In the kitchen, he found a green penguin ghost eating their food. He saw the strange ghost avoid the pepper covered foods. The ghost introduced himself as Ap. P. Tite. Swiss Ninja and his new friend found the family cowering in fear. Ap. P. Tite explained he was a friendly ghost. The family decided to let him stay. He became best friends with the children.


He is a parody of Slimer from Ghostbusters. He likes playing Guitar Penguin. He will often try to tip the Iceberg.