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Antics Necropolis
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Vital statistics
Type Mausoleum
Level 1337.13
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Dead members of the Antics family

The Antics Necropolis is a mausoleum in Club Penguin Island. It is buried deep within the forest, and contains the dead.



The necropolis has created after Explorer went to the bank. He switched to Phreaker mode right when a builder was dating with a graveyard inspector. Phreaker Explorer, unaware of anything but them, blew the money he was going to deposit on the mausoleum. The project took 9 months to build, and is a very large building.

The building[]

The building itself looks like a mansion, and it has half of an igloo resembling a beanie as it's entrance. When entering, there is another door - it must be opened by turning the propeller with the wheel - this opens the door.

Inside this, there is a huge foyer. The wallpaper is painted a striped blue and red with green caulked onto the bottom, and the paint is chipping off and fading, due to Explorer wanting a haunted look. There are two staircases: up and down. The the foyer is exquisitely decorated, with a chandelier, fountain, and stone pillars, but it feels like a ghost town.




The dead members of the Antics family.


Gravediggers, necromancers - rare since there is a big security system in place.


  • Corpses, ghosts, the dead's possessions, etc.

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