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Anti-Club Penguin
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Anti-Club Penguin map
Vital statistics
Type Different Dimension
Level Unknown
Location Alternate Dimension
Inhabitants Penguins, Seals, Crabs, Polar Bears, Skuas, Terns

Anti-Club Penguin is an alternate dimension which various villians such as Virus originated from. It's basically the same as the USA, except most of the land is covered by rocky mountains covered in snow. Many cities are poorly made, and objects often break easily. In this realm, everyone has an "anti-" counterpart, who is the exact opposite of their equivalent in this realm.


This dimension was discovered when the Time Agency was expirimenting with a new device they had invented. It was supposedly supposed to be a device to be a time travelling toaster, but they ended up creating a machine that can travel through dimensions. A few penguins ended up going through the machine and they ended up in the dimension know as Anti-Club Penguin. The dimension was pretty broken down and many of the penguins looked a lot like penguins they knew back at home. They decided to soon leave, but little did they know that Anti-Kwiksilver (a.k.a Virus) had followed them through the machine. Due to a glitch however Virus ended up at a different location. This was a ground breaking discovery, but it would soon lead to one of the worst events in Antarctica's history.


Not much is known about the places in Anti-Club Penguin. Many suspect that they're similar to that of the USA though. A team did manage to get a picture of Anti-Club Penguin from space though (as seen above).


The locations are similar to that of the USA, except more broken down, but their are some differences. The dimension has it's own line of Toaster Factories that for some reason don't toast toast.


  • In this realm, everyone has an "anti-" counterpart, who is the exact opposite of their equivalent in this realm.



This place mass produces toasters. A lot of them don't work, but they're still quite a sight. Many toaster factories are distributed throughout the Continent as seen above. Anti-Club Penguin also mass produces bombs that cost quite a lot of coins. You seem to also always have to be a little mmmmmmmmm richer in order to buy them for some reason.

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