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Antarctica University Preparatory School
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Motto For the glory of Antarctica!
Established 1973
Type Independent school
Headteacher Mr Elliot Darren
Other figures Mr Johnny Lauriantte (Head of Primary School), David Miller (Head of University Preparatory School)
Location Antarctica University Preparatory School
Great Forest
LEA Independent (Part of National Schools of Antarctica)
Staff Infomation unavalible
Students 3000
Gender Male and Female
Ages Year 8-Year 12, Year 13-14 optional
Houses 30 (20 for University Preparatory, 10 for Primary School)
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Penguin Prep is an elite, exclusive private school in Eastshield. It is famous Antarctica wide for having the majority of it's students going to university. It is very expensive and the only way to be a student is to pay tuition or get a scholarship. Sport lifestyle is important and rugby, cricket, football (soccer) and other sports play a vital role. In fact, many athletes were reported to have originated from here. Padtops are given to each student to keep and so are the textbooks. Judge Xavier and The Leader are reported to have been educated at this school.


Penguin Prep was found as St Gerrerd Public School in 1973 by the Post Olde Antarctica to provide public education to those living in slums. It didn't last and eventually it fell into the private sector in 1976 after a short three years. Penguin Prep's new owners started installing high school fees for those who could afford. It was renamed the Antarctica University Preparatory School. It expanded the old campus into a mammoth sized boarding school of 2000 creatures. It orignally taught pupils aged 11 to 18 but at the time of Colonial Antarctica it became K-12 law and the number expanded to 3000 and a smaller sister campus was built for these extra 1000 under 11 pupils. This all became expensive to maintain and fees were increased but despite this many famous penguins formerly went to the school during Colonial Antarctica, including Karis Iceton, Judge Xavier and The Leader, regarded to be two of the greatest politicians ever and the Lendfell sisters, Eve and Rona. Currently, many creatures believe this to be the best school in Antarctica, although this isn't comfirmed. More believe that it's main rivals, two public schools, Penguin Academy and Antarctic Academy, to be better.


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Notable Alumni[]

  • The Leader - Ex president of the United Penguin's Republic and current Elected Dictactor of MAI
  • Eve Lendfell - Famous photographer, coffee shop worker and delegate in the South Pole Council.
  • Rona Lendfell - Professional award winning surfer, she has represented the United States of Antarctica national team in the Womans Continental Surfing Cup and in the Antarctica Surfing Cup, representing Trans-Antarctica. She has always won gold medals in the Womans Antarctica Surfing Cup and in her Continental Surfing career won silver medals until 2004 where she started a spree of gold medals.


There are two campuses, one named Antarctica University Preparatory School (11-18 year olds) and the other is Antarctica Primary School (3-18).


Students, teachers, the rest of the staff.


Nothing, it's a school.


Textbooks, books, knowledge, food.

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