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The Antarctica Game Console was a failed game console created by Snowtendo. I'm not kidding.

The console was actually co-developed by another console manufactuer notorious for its consoles.


The Antarctica Game Console was first announced at the Snowtendo Convention 2005. It was supposed to be the unofficial replacement of the Snowtendo GameSphere (the GameSphere still had production), which had cables to connect it's controllers to the console. The console would of had motion sensors like the Snowtendo Vii, but those were dilbibrately taken out, as an effort to sell it quicker, as Snowtendo was experiencing major funding losses at the time. At the Snowtendo Convention 2006, there was a video of it, and with people playing games on it, but with cables to connect the controllers, not like Snowtendo had promised. The day it was released, it only sold about 10 consoles, so Snowtendo took it of the market. Snowtendo was nearly bankrupt, with only 10,000 Fish left. But one of the employees took the console and the motion-sensor parts, put them together, and created the Snowtendo Vii.


The console came with Game and Let's Race, and you could choose the third one.

  • Game ("Yes, there was a game called that, Reader!" - KingH10)
  • Game 2
  • Let's Race
  • Let's Race: Space Race

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