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The Antarctic Music Awards
The logo for the upcoming Awards.
Awarded for Music
Presented by See "Hosts"
Country UnitedTerra
Location Neo Domino City
First awarded 2005
Last awarded 2013
Currently held by Antarctica

The Antarctic Music Music Awards are annual awards held at different places in Antarctica. The main purpose of this event is to award Singers, Bands and Musicians. There are different categories for awarding, and each category has nominees. The event was started in 2005 by siblings Josh and Hayley Longline, grandchildren of Queen and King Longline from Tel Ah Phon.

The Event[]

The event is a first-class event held in the host city of that year. The first penguins that present the ceremony are Josh and Hayley Longline.

Nominations and Nominees[]



The first hosts were Josh and Hayley Longline. The first awards were on Club Penguin Island. The second host was Savannah City, the third was Sancho Monte Captio, the fourth host was DJ Crow, at Club Penguin Island, this was the second time that place was chosen for being the host place. The fifth host was Katy Spitz. The sixth host was Ninjinian, and the upcoming seventh host is rumored to be Meaghan.



There are different logos in every edition of the awards:

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