Club Penguin Fan Universe

Get down the chairlift, and take a rest. This is the place for all those tired penguins out there after sitting the chairlift or after two stations. A hut lies over there and you could drink hot cocoa over a hot stove.

The hut contains a fireplace, and two sofas located back-to-back. A table is placed between them. On the table, cocoa packets and a boiler could be found. Pour the water from the boiler into the cup, and then break open the packet and pour it into the boiling water. You could do those steps the other way round. Finnally, heat it on the fireplace. This is manually done because the government wants the penguins to learn to be independent on these mountains.

The hut also serves some refreshments. Every friday, they have a packet of O'berries found on the desk, along with some fish. Cook the fish under the stove. Every 12th day of the month is known as "Dining Delicasies Day", where many dishes could be found on the desk.

So far, only Alex12345a and a few others had been there. Who knows who else will come?