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Antarctic Express in Mccoon Island's Mccoon Forest is a chairlift dubbed after a train with the same name.


They stop at frequent points, such as the Tree Station and more. It takes 1 hour to complete the whole chairlift full run without stopping. Here are the stations:

  • Tree Station

This is where you could explore the not so deep, snow part of the mega-forest.

This is where you could drink hot cocca over a hot stove.

  • Tutup Station

Further up, where the snow gets thicker and the scenery gets nicer.

  • Upper Tree Station

Where the most scenic view of the ride could be seen.

Where the deepest snow is found for passengers to step. It covers to part of their leg, and flippers tottaly submerged.

Following that, there is no other stops and will return down. You have to sit the chairlift back down.

Design and Operations[]

It is some kind of chairlift, but is kinda dangerous. No ski gear allowed, only sightseeing, unless you intend so then yes they do allow. It costs 200 coin per station.

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