Club Penguin Fan Universe
Al Capone
Alphonse Pengone
Vital statistics
Title Maphioso
Gender Male
Race Gangsta Penguin
Faction Altastic!
Health Good.
Level 255
Status Not captured.
Location West Beach, Penguiki, DRW

Andrew K. Rapone is a gangster who is looking to get richer than Bill Gate$ He joined the Underground PWN Mafia for help. He also works with The Robbers


Alphonse Rapone was born in nowadays central Eastshield. When he was young, everybody around him told him to become a politician, because he could lead armies successfully. He decided to use his political skills to become an emperor, like Darktan. He actually didn't become that, but he joined a mafia, known as Underground PWN Mafia. He is a member of them and often plots with Bugzy. He also works with The Robbers to get money. He also has attempted to steal from Bill Gate$ but it failed. They aren't the most important villains, but they still cause many problems.


He is a brown penguin, with short hair. He is a bit fat. He really likes hamburgers, but he still tries to be fit, but being fit is difficult, when you eat a lot. He thinks, that some things are just dumb, for example Mabel. In fact, he is a Normal Penguin, but he thinks, that he is a Gangsta Penguin, but there is no such species of penguins.