Club Penguin Fan Universe
The Amulet of Language
Amulet of Language
It is Speechlessly Beautiful
Vital statistics
Type A Powerful, Shiny Amulet
Effects Can control speech and literature
Source Made in Club Penguin
Location Is Currently Owned by Fisch
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Amulet of Language is an Elemental Amulet that can control Speech and Literature in different ways.


The history of this amulet goes way back, and is a little sketchy. However, we are ceartain it was made in Club Penguin.

Creation (circa 502 B.C.)[]

Back in the Early Days of the Babbelonian Empire, Words and books were very important. King Neverforever wanted to be very powerful in Government and in Literature. Thus, he sent the best Blacksmiths around to make the magical Amulet. It was made in 2 days. On that Day, King Neverforever placed it around his neck and began to use it.

Uses Prior to Khanzem[]

The Kings of the Babbelonian Empire continued using it until the empire fell in 100 B.C. When it fell, It was stolen by a theif and was taken to CP island where it was formed. The Family of the theif used it for decades until they lost it in some random cave.


One day, while wandering in the Caves of Club Penguin, a high penguin named Fisch came upon a carved stone room. Inside lay an old chest that contained many coins and the long lost Amulet of Language. Fisch decided to keep it and learned how to use it. His discovery became a continental phenomenon and many people wanted to take pictures of the found Amulet.

Uses After Rediscovery[]


  • Many penguins had been looking for this amulet when it was lost, but all had failed. (except for Fisch)
  • The Bureau of Fiction (specifically, DJ X and Director Benny) is currently trying to retrieve the Amulet, due to some of its powers conflicting with their duty to control and maintain the universe.


  • Can make words come to life.
  • Can Control other people's speech.
  • Can change a word in a book.
  • Can change the tone of your Voice.
  • Can Create Books.

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