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Amluc Riam
Vital statistics
Title Prime Minister of Freezeland
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Shady
Health Unfathomable
Level Executive
Status Reigning (shadily)
Location Freezeland

Amluc Riam is the ex-prime minister of Freezeland, succeeding Will Whitefoot in the 2009 Freezelandian Elections. He was known for his controversial policies and the instatement of three, count them, three central banks in the country, plunging it into the largest financial recession since The Two Trees were eaten. Amluc is currently under house arrest when he fled to Margatian Freezeland.



As Prime Minister of Freezeland[]


Amluc Riam promised financial security, and for Frezeland to enter "a golden age of wealth and prosperity". Throughout late 2009, this was the case. The penguins of Freezeland went on a carefree spending spre, trusting Prime Minister Riam. However, betwen Boxing Day and January 3rd, 2010, the economy went through the worst crash ever. The recovering and booming western economy crumbled almost overnight, causing one of the worst wars sice the Khanzem.

He largely done in by an economic crisis brought on by banks offering easy credit while benefiting from little or no central regulation. Or at least, that's all we can tell you.

The Prime Minister's extravagant lifestyle made him an easy scapegoat for opponents, and the ensuing economic crisis overshadowed his deft handling of early sectional tensions. He prosmised recovery, blaming it on Antarctica.

Soon after, he renounced the ways of the monarchy, also blaming the royalty and the Montasje. Triskelle put Amluc under house arrest, and he Montsje and anyone who opposed Amluc "silenced".

Promising once again, this time he revealed files exposing the existance of High Penguins. He promised a new empire, where both normal and High Penguins can live free. In actuality, he secretly corrupted many High Penguins, because, in fact, most were happy with Freezeland, so that was ignored.


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