Club Penguin Fan Universe
Amigopen Online
Developer(s) Amigopen
Publisher(s) Amigopen
Release date in USA May 23 2009
Release date in the UTR December 11 2009
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA December 15 2009
Genre Adventure
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Platform(s) PC
Predeced by nothing
Followed by amigopen da penguin


up/W button=move foreward

down/S button=move backwards

left/A button=rotate to the left

right/D button=rotate to the right

Space bar=jump

left mouse=primary attack

right mouse=secondary attack

enter/return=special attack

T button=type words to speak to players.

Esc=pause menu

create a penguin[]

this is a mode when you are new or making a new account: Create a penguin

1=color: what color you want to be

2=element: what element you will be starting with

3=name: what is gonna be your username?

4=item: what represents the element you are

5=weopon: what you can battle with

6=tips?: this is if you are new to the game(you can disable tips in options