Club Penguin Fan Universe
The country's full, proper title.
Amigopen island
Flag of What most people call the country.
MottoTime for waffles!
Anthemwe are the champions (crazy frog remix)
Royal anthemThe song played when the leader enters.
National Card-Jitsu card
shoop da woop
CapitalThe country's capital city.
Largest city The country's largest city.
Official languages The official language(s) of the country.
Recognised regional languages Any languages that are spoken and exclusive to certain parts of the country.
Species  Adelie penguins, Emporer penguins, puffles.
Demonym Any Penguin type
Membership Is the whole nation affliated with any organization,space agency, group, etc?
Government monarchy
 -  Protector and King Amigopen
 -  The title of the second leader. The name of the second leader.
 -  The title of the third leader. The name of the third leader.
Legislature The ones who make the laws, like the South Pole Council.
Amigopen discovered the island Give details on the above event. 
 -  Amigopen Day(amigopen's B'day) unknown 
 -  revenge day(time to destroy darktan(and maybe mabel)) 18/8/(every year) 
 -  Yet another important event in the country's history. The date of said event 
 -  Total The area of the country, in square kilometers. km2 
The area of the country, in square miles. sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 59% of ice
 -  The year the estimate was made. estimate The estimate of the population. 
 -  The year aforementioned census took place. census The number of residents recorded in a recent census. 
 -  Density How many residents per square kilometer?/km2 
How many residents per square mile?/sq mi
Currency happy bux (;))
Do they have Daylight Savings?
Drives on the The "Left"
Calling code 268(eastern)/379(western)
Footnotes mabel is a big
Footnotes fat
Footnotes meanie!

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