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Amendments to the Constitution of Antarctica

An Amendment, rolled up and bound.
Government Papers of the United States of Antarctica
CountryUnited States of Antarctica
GenrePolitical law
PublisherSouth Pole Council
Media typeParchment/Manuscript
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Following its initial draft and assertion of rights, several Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica have been drafted, submitted, and ratified. These, along with the original document and lawsuits brought to court, outline the supreme law of the land.


Listed in order of ratification.

Amendment Sixteen[]

Marriage shall consist solely of the union between one male and one female creature, unless the creature reproduces asexually.

Amendment Seventeen[]

Article Five of the Constitution is hereby struck out and replaced with the following protocol:

This Constitution, should Flaws be pointed out, can be Amended to improve it.
The Legislature or the Masses can propose a Constitutional Amendment.

Amendments, in order to pass, must pass a simple majority in the Legislature and can be proposed as-is. However, the delegates are (supposed to be) bound to their constituants, they should repeat their wishes.
The Chief Justice is to have the authority to call into question any delegate he deems is being corrupt to stand arbitration before a special third-party court of arbitration. Those convicted are subject to the punishment of the Chief Justice.

Amendment Eighteen[]

All laws passed within the South Pole Council apply solely to the United States of Antarctica.

Amendment Nineteen[]

The Chief Justice can only be a male penguin.

Amendment Twenty[]

If an appointment to the Executive Cabinet is contested by another, they must face off in an election that cumulates in five months, maximum.


  • Some people complain that amendment 19 is sexist. An organization is being made to change it from "The Chief Justice can only be a male penguin" To "The Chief Justice can only be a penguin".
  • There is also a UnitedTerra version of this document, but is modified and was declared less governmental.