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All Scan Incident
All Scan Incident image
The All Scan CD Case.
Vital statistics
Participants Two Bureau of Fiction workers, Daniel "Short Dan" Pavlova
Date 9th September, 2009
Location Department of Plot, Bureau of Fiction

The mishap known as the "All Scan Incident" involved some malicious software, two Bureau of Fiction office workers and a bullied employee known as Daniel "Short Dan" Pavlova.

The event[]

The event was recorded on security camera and was used as evidence. Illustrator Keith accidentally dropped the tape into a teleport and it ended up in the flippers of Aunt Arctic.

Two officeworkers are sitting, writing up plot stories. One pulls out a laptop and inserts a disc called "All Scan".

Officeworker 2: Whatcha got there?

Officeworker 1: All Scan Anti Haxor.

Officeworker 2: All Scan?

Officeworker 1: Yeah, All Scan...

Officeworker 1 checks his computer, and the computer screen is filling up with error messages. He tries frantically to delete them, but then a giant picture of a Walrus covers the screen.

Officeworker 1:...It's malicious!

Voice: Delicious?

A short penguin's head slowly comes into sight over the office cubicle.

Short Dan Pavlova: Short Dan is delicious!

Officeworker 1: WHAT?!?

Short Dan: I heard you! Short Dan is delicious!

Officeworker 1: No, I said All Scan is malicious.

He points at his computer screen.

Short Dan (mimics): "All Scan is malicious!" You expect me to believe that?

Officeworker 1 points at Officeworker 2.

Officeworker 1: Yeah--

Short Dan, now in tears: HAH!

He points to and from the officeworkers, then stops at Officeworker 1.

Short Dan: Pathetic!

He runs away and out of the department, tears streaming down his face.

Officeworker 1 picks up his laptop and the CD case and calls after Short Dan, stammering.

Officeworker 1: But, but, All Scan, Anti Haxor, is, is...malicious!

Officeworker 2 looks at Officeworker 1 with a "we are so dead" expression.


Short Dan, a victim of office bullying because of his last name, reported this to Mayor McFlapp. After a trial, the two officeworkers and Short Dan were fired. All Scan, which was really a virus from the Walrus Crime Ring, was taken off the shelves.

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