Club Penguin Fan Universe
All Purpose Auto Awesome Broom
Vital statistics
Type Cleaning supplies
Effects Very, very clean floors
Source Metalmanager
Location Metalmanager's Igloo
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

The All Purpose Auto Awesome Broom (or simply Auto Broom) is a Broom whereas it is more than just a broom. It has a mop attack to it at the side, two handles (so as to be held like a weapon) and a blow dryer system function at the end. This will clear away dust, mop away dirt and dry the wet area.


Invented by Metalmanager in late 2008, it served as a broom for whatever the occasion, and even came with a sandpaper function to sand away rust. After appearing that this only caused problems, such as wearing away walls and floors, it was removed. Metalmanager now uses it to get squeaky clean floors in the Dojo.


  • It has 3 options, and to clean the whole Dojo with this it would take 30 minutes approx.
  • If set down, and by using a controller, it has hyrdaulics, which will make it move as if it were independent.
  • Today, 7 penguins have fallen over due to expecting a wet floor.

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