Club Penguin Fan Universe

No. This is not Alex12345a's future. In fact, this is what he thinks his future would be like, and why he does not want to research on his future.

His speech from below the black line. Ends at the black line after that.

Ahem, ahem. Thank you. Welcome all to my press conference regarding my dreaded future.

Now, as you can all see, and know, I have no specified future. Its a good thing that the Time Agency didn't research on my background, or else...

I expect that there would be no Nightmare Epic, no Power4U Affair, no Wikia Catastrophe, no death of Kwiksilver etc. etc.

I expect that the Antarctic contienent would continue as normal-its pace slow and smooth, its atmosphere comforting, and its citizens safe.

I believe that the certain thing would not be controlling us. And its a good thing its not controlling me. Or I won't be able to tell this speech. Psyche them.

My future is simply, well, the same as now, or nothing, as in, not much of a difference. I am simply going to expend my business. However, I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you all something.

I have power.

Now, I believe in Flipism. No one would probably no what it is. Because, you'll never know.

Heh heh. Explorer's catchphrase is cool.

You see, I am going to believe a mysterious, powerful, crafty hero-in-disguise would help save the universe. He may not be written life, but he's absolute.


Thats his first speech. HE has more.